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South Block Stairs

South Block Stairs, originally uploaded by picaday.

Oh how I got the best exercise!! ' 80-' 84!! (and beyond.....)

Royal Jubilee Hospital

Royal Jubilee Hospital, originally uploaded by tnano.


RJH, originally uploaded by tnano.

Cormorant Front

Cormorant Front, originally uploaded by tnano.

Cormorant Side at RJH

Cormorant Side at RJH, originally uploaded by tnano.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nursing, it's more than a job

A Nurse in Training Part 1

A Nurse In Training Part 2

NSI: Nurse Scene Investigation

Nursing Back

Nursing Program @ TSU, Dr. YStringfield3

Nursing Program @ TSU, Dr. YStringfield2

Nursing Program @ Meharry, ABooth4

Nursing Program @ Meharry, ABooth3

Nursing Program @ Meharry, ABooth2

Nursing Program @ Meharry, ABooth1

Nursing Program @ TSU, Dr. YStringfield

Knowledge Network TV sign-off 1986

Knowledge Network Closedown August 12, 2007

Miracle Health Fair on CNN

Malaspina University-College's annual Multicultural Week

Malaspina, the Right Choice for University

Sick Kids Hospital

A Virtual Tour of SickKids

The Labatt Heart Centre at SickKids

Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital Ad. 2

Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital Ad (1)

Cardiac Challenges

Cardiology for the Non-Cardiac Nurse

Med-Surg Nursing: Challenges in Practice

Critical Care: Nuts and Bolts

CEN Exam Review

Pediatric Predicaments

Pediatric CCRN Exam Review

CCRN Exam Review

CCRN Exam Review

Med-Surg Certification Exam Review

Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

Health and safety in the workshop

Health and Safety:Workplace Ergonomics

Comedy Health and Safety Video (EXCERPT)

Workplace Health and Safety History, to the 1920s

Public health

So...what IS Public Health?

Clemson University Department of Public Health Sciences

Office of Health Education Video Newsletter - June 2007

Free Health Education Class | Disease Cancers and others

health education;pstl movie

Health education made simple

Promoting Health Through Media Education

Promoting Health Through Media Education

strategies in health education, patient education intro

Patient Education

Clemson University School of Nursing


Saturday, August 25, 2007

sikh wedding

Polly dances with Jago

Sikh wedding '07

(Sikh wedding) Har Chouthari Lava - WaheGuru Network TV

Wedding Video (set to Karunesh - Punjab soundtrack)

Asa Dee Vaar Kirtan - Davinder Singh's Wedding


Bride comes on the stage


the wedding continued

anand karaaj

ameet amrita

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Video NYC Videographers Videography Toronto

Indian Wedding

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Jago Aaya - Malkit Singh

Balkar Sidhu -- Apne Viah Vich

Sonu's Wedding Part 16

Punjabi Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Slide Show

100 years - Wedding Slideshow

Richard and Mariela's Wedding slideshow

Maggie and Clifton's wedding slide show

wedding slideshow video

Wedding slideshow

Hawaii wedding slideshow

Re: Pedophile Alert... What are the DANGERS?

re: Pedophile Alert... What are the DANGERS?


funny cats 6


Funny Cats Video - Part 2

FUNNY CATS pt 3 (omg LOL i cant take it)

Funny Cats 3

very funny cats 1

very funny cats 1

funny cats

YAY! Funny Animal Videos!

Nora: The Sequel - Better than the original!

NORA THE PIANO CAT™ Check the sequel too. It's even better!

The Three Kittens

Singing kitten experiment

Kitties Singing Joy-Joy-Joy!

Singing Kitty

singing kitty

Kitty said what? - Morphing Kittens

Friday, August 24, 2007

Into the Arms of God

SIDS Video For Anyone who has lost A baby to SIDS

SIDS Prevention Video - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome PSA

premature baby

premature baby

Miracle Premature Baby

Premature baby neo ward

Premature baby neo ward

Premature Baby With Intufix

wires - athlete

Premature baby

Premie Baby

With my Mom, still at NICU

NICU Precious and Fragile

RCMP Pepper Spray infant

On Eagle's Wings, A Memorial

Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne

Miscarriage Tribute- Slipped Away (by Avril Lavigne)

Miscarriage, Stillbirth **WARNING** SENSITIVE CONTENT PT 2

Stillbirth and Child Death***WARNING*** SENSITIVE CONTENT

Oct. 15 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Please don't let them taking our baby away from us!

Dr. Alan Lipman on MSNBC: Theft of a fetus

New Details In Alleged Baby Kidnapping

GH Baby Jake Is Kidnapped

GH Baby Jake Is Kidnapped

My EastEnders Trailer - KIDNAPPED -

The Kidnap

The Kidnapping

The Kidnapping

A Mother's Child


DEF: Kidnapping at the Park

Lindbergh Movie

Faulty Kidnapping

The Making of. . . A Kidnapping - Most Triumphant Videos

The Making of. . . A Kidnapping - Most Triumphant Videos

A Kidnapping to Forget Movie Trailer

Christmas, Baby Please Come Home

Hide and Seek Missing Children's Video

Stolen Angels

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Khalsa Ni Mukhna Feat: Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara

our Next Son, Fateh-Sarbloh Singh .....

white sikhs

Sikhs (Part 3of3)

Sikhs (Part 2of3)

Sikhs (Part 1of 3)

white sikhs

Sikh Pride BadBoy KillaH Soldier Production


Introduction to Sikhism

Darshan Dekh Jeeva

Guru Manyo Granth - Sikh ithihas

One Who Calls Himself A Sikh of The Guru, The True Guru

400 Years Celebration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj

Shabad Gurbani - Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ehai


Prof. Darshan Singh Kirtan/Katha

bhai sarabjeet singh ji classical kirtan at darbar sahib

Kirtan by Baba Ranjit Singh ji at Southall Gurdwara

The Greeting: Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

The Beard and it's Purpose for Men

The Science of Doing Ardas

Gurdwara Sri Hemkunt Sahib Ardas

Our new daughter may she be blessed Ardas for Bhani-Gurmat-Khivi Kaur Khalsa-Sidhu

The Role of Women in Sikhism

Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale: Amrit Peevo

Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

Stories of Guru Gobind Singh

Stories of Guru Nanak - Part 1

Stories of Guru Nanak - Part 2

(Sikh wedding) Har Chouthari Lava - Respect Sikh Heritage

Asa Dee Vaar Kirtan - Davinder Singh's Wedding

Children of Tommorow - Guru Gobind Singh

The Singhnia (Sikh Women) of Guru Gobind Singh

Breastfeeding Is Glamorous!

La Leche League Meeting

La Leche League ICf 2007 - We Remember

La Leche League - 50th Anniversary

Graco-matic Power Swing

Having a Baby

Zachary Eating

Shhh.. Baby's Sleeping.

Alexander February 2007

Two at Three Months

bam and missy margera playboy and wedding pictures

Bam and missys wedding part 1

bam and missys wedding part 2

The new Even Flo 5 Walker Commercial

Evenflo Ultra Exersaucer

Is your child's car seat installed properly?

Child Seat Safety

Child Car Restraints

Anti-Abortion / Pro-life Short Film (Third Born)

Medical Science Proves Abortion Is Killing of Human Beings

Thinking about having an abortion

Abortion and pro-life, Morning has broken

anti abortion vid

The American Holocaust ( Abortion Explained )

ABORTION - THE SILENT SCREAM #1 (with permission from APF)

Abortion, the Procedure (shortened version)

A Baby Delivery

fetal monitor

Joelne Barton Fetal Heart monitor

Deanna's Baby Heart Beat Monitor

Fetal Heart Monitor

Happy Birth Day

Monday, August 20, 2007

Where Jack was Born

Winnipeg #2

Winnipeg 320 Landing



Children's Hospital

Griffin Galloway Day One

Eddie Clearwater - 1979

OK Mercy Hospital Commercial

Mercy Hospital

Prairie Shores, Michael Reese

R.E.M. - Leaving New York

Thunderstorm Time Lapse

A whole year of time lapse

Aurora Borealis or the northern lights

Aurora Borealis Theme Winner

Aurora (Northern Lights)

Antworks Time Lapse (to the song Popcorn)

Antarctica Time lapse: A Year on Ice

Time Lapse Video of Guy Driving Across the Country

Amazing time-lapse video

Amazing time-lapse video

Time Lapse: Feb 12, 2006 Winter Storm

Boston Snowstorm - 10 Hour Time Lapse, February 2006

New York Snow Storm 2006

Mundane SkyTrain Video #4: Waterfront Switch



Rolling stock of SkyTrain approaching the Lougheed Station

Vancouver's Skytrain - Light Rail system


Vancouver's Skytrain on a SUNNY Day!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Granville Bridge in Vancouver British Columbia

View of Downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park

Evening Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver Downtown

Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver Downtown Countdown to 2007

Vancouver Downtown

April 28, 2007 (Saturday)

Cruising - New Westminster

Cruising - New Westminster

new westminster drive pt 1

New Westminster Quay

new westminster random drive 2

The Outdoors Blog

First Night 2007

Belly Dancer

My Tour Of Mayfair Mall

Vancouver Translink New Flyer E60LFR articulated trolleybus

BC Transit Victoria New Flyer DE40LF - 9105

Shopping Can Be Fun (1957)

At the mall after Christmas


Vancouver Pacific Centre

Another Day At The Mall

robin ma metrotown

Metrotown and brentwood

BODIES... The Exhibition (part 2)

BODIES... The Exhibition (part 1)


Body Worlds 3 News Report

Body Worlds - Plastic Corpses!

Cirque du Metrotown


vancouver skytrain fun

it snowed in vancouver - november 2006

snow view from skytrain

Playland Park 4 Freak Out de nuevo

Play Land Park

Playland Park 4 Freak Out de nuevo

play land park

En el Play Land Park

Coaster @ Playland at the PNE

The 80's !!

Six Months In A Leaky Boat (Live) - Tim Finn