Friday, January 30, 2009

nursing grad photo5

nursing grad photo5, originally uploaded by Newfie Girl.

UFV BSN grads Dec 08 (9)

Mom's Graduation Photo, 1940, Wellesley Hospital, Toronto

Nursing Grad

Nursing Grad, originally uploaded by gigiscakeboutique.

Em's pinning ceremony

Em's pinning ceremony, originally uploaded by pourpree.

Nursing Pin

Nursing Pin, originally uploaded by Neil's stuff & family photos.

Graduating nursing school


Education, originally uploaded by Birdieann.

"after two days in the hospital, i took a turn for the nurse."

irica nurse

irica nurse, originally uploaded by smile4camera.

the McCormick nursing student

the McCormick nursing student, originally uploaded by PoramapornN.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pirates of the Columbian

Escape from RCH

Baby Number 18

Abby baby #18

Duggar Family Welcomes 18th (!) Child

Duggar Family Welcomes 18th (!) Child

Bloopers and Poopers - Starring the Duggars

The Duggars: Baby Shower for #18

Shiryu: the most premature baby boy in the world

Emily Wilson Premature birth feature story

premature baby

Help Premature Babies!

Maggie on the day she was born

Recovery Room

Reese In the Nursery

Kaleb Newborn Nursery

Newborn Nursery at FAO Schwartz Toy Store, NYC

Healthy Women Healthy Families: Prenatal Health

Pregnancy: Foods to Be Cautious With (Pregnancy Health Guru)

Pregnancy and Diabetes (Pregnancy Health Guru Tip)

Making Babies: The Fertility Shot (Pregnancy Health Guru)

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - Miscarriage

Scrubs - JD's Happy Place is The Tonight show with Jay Leno

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mom Gifts

Mom Gifts, originally uploaded by peacockcards.

New Baby Tshirts

New Baby Tshirts, originally uploaded by peacockcards.

Boy/Girl Twins on the way, on Jan. then get all the stuff related to Nursing, etc. .....

Red RN Band Aid Klip Kovr

Red RN Band Aid Klip Kovr, originally uploaded by Klip Kovrs.

Registered Nurse Jobs - Brooklyn, NY - Pratt Area Community Council

Some nurses

Some nurses, originally uploaded by Geoff Carr.


Straight Blade Laryngoscopy

The Bronchoscopy Procedure

What is a Colonoscopy?



Lung Surgery 1: Bronchoscopy

What is a Colonoscopy?

101 Nursing Tips

SMC Nursing 10

My first IV stick.

nursing student school venting questions info help advice

Nursing - Molly - Advice to Future Nursing Students

US nurse chooses Wockhardt Hospitals India for spine surgery

Indian Nursing Students Discussing Interplast Lecture

Nursing students

Nursing Students Stay Encouraged

More Tips For Nursing Students

What to Expect in Nursing School Pt. 1 of 1000 (lol)

More Tips For Nursing Students

A Few Questions About Nursing

Nursing Degree: Associate vs. Bachelors

How do I get a registered nursing degree

nursing class

Nursing -133 class lecture...

SPN Clinical 6

SPN Clinical 3

Concorde College LPN Graduation January 2008


Student Stories: Practical Nursing

one year lpn programs

Licensed Practical Nursing Careers

LPNs: A Practical Solution to the Nursing Shortage

Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses

Practical Nursing


Candlelighting Class 2010

KPRC - Nightingales Program Change - 1989

Nurses Eat Their Young

Dr. Cox killer moment in Scrubs

Scrubs - Whats Up Dr Cox's Butt ?

[Scrubs] - Dr Cox discovers text messaging

scrubs Dr Cox saying NO!

Dr Cox - Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

Things I don't care about

Dr.Cox's monologue

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Columbia Street, New West Minster

Health Care Centre

Health Care Centre, originally uploaded by ColleenBaran.

Glamorous nurse

Glamorous nurse, originally uploaded by ColleenBaran.

pioneering nurses

pioneering nurses, originally uploaded by ColleenBaran.

first hospital.

first hospital., originally uploaded by ColleenBaran.


DSC00428, originally uploaded by Patrick3.

in one of three the Nsry (s) at RCH.


IMG_1930, originally uploaded by LynneV.

downstairs outside the gift shirts girl/boy and hat/mitt's sets, too.

Baby Enzo

Baby Enzo, originally uploaded by istargazer.

Spot the Denali

Spot the Denali, originally uploaded by istargazer.

Glamorous nurse

Glamorous nurse, originally uploaded by ColleenBaran.

Life interrupted

Life interrupted, originally uploaded by smile4camera.

Nursery in the Elliot Community Hospital

Nursery in the Elliot Community Hospital

Ethan & Emma

Ethan & Emma, originally uploaded by miss-sarah.

674g Now

674g Now, originally uploaded by love_child_kyoto.


Zinnia, originally uploaded by macropoulos.

The name for RJH year book as well as the meaning "absent friends"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - NICU Visit

then on to my other postings RJH.


RJH, originally uploaded by tnano.


RJH, originally uploaded by tnano.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Royal Jubilee Hospital

Royal Jubilee Hospital, originally uploaded by tnano.


RJH, originally uploaded by tnano.

Medevac Helo landing at RJH

Medevac Helo landing at RJH, originally uploaded by tnano.

Portriat of a Nurse by Hubert Beckett 1933 (Hamilton, Ontario)

Nurse Graduate with Diploma - Light Oil Portrait

The Wellesley Hospital Toronto School of Nursing Graduation Pin 1949

Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing (2nd. Year Student) Pin

University of Toronto School of Nursing Graduation Pin 1960